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Quality Policy:
Strict process management, full participation in monitoring, comply with national laws and regulations, ensure product quality.

Quality Objectives:
Finished products qualification rate reaches100.0%;
Procurement qualification rate of raw material reaches 98.0%:
Staff training rate reaches 100.0%;
Customer satisfaction rate is greater than 99%.

Quality Concept:
Integrity creates brand, quality cast brilliance.

Quality System:
The company has established complete three level quality management network including supplier design, customer service, and has passed the following quality system certification:

1.IS09001: 2008 international quality management system certification;
2.HACCP international food safety system certification:
3.GMP certification;
4.Corporate social responsibility certification:
5. International food safety organization special certification (FSSC + PAS220);
6. International Kosher (KOSHER) certification;
7. International Halal certification (HALAL).
8. ISO14001: 2013 Environmental Management System Certification Quality assurance measures:

1. Customer satisfaction is the goal, implementing total quality management (QSHE), adhering to PDCA cycle, continuous quality improvement;
2. Adhere to the red line of three "not allowed" on quality, that is substandard raw materials are not allowed into the plant, unqualified semi-finished products are not allowed into the next process, unqualified finished products are not allowed to go out of the factory;
3. Controlling of the quality of the product life cycle is the goal, establishing scientific quality risk assessment and quality review evaluation mechanism, striving to eliminate and reduce the risk of product quality to achieve product quality zero defect;
4. Standardized quality management file covers the whole process of quality management so that "everything has standard, basis, record and is traceable";
5. Establish a scientific and rational system of quality training and implement effectively, training rate of personnel quality is 100%, training qualification rate reaches more than 98%.
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