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Clindamycin hydrochloride for injection to hemorrhagic cystitis

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1.Medical records

Patient, female, 43 years old, cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat five days, the symptoms aggravated with headaches, lack of 2 days. No fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, hemoptysis. Patient since the disease is not taking any medication or special drugs. Always healthy, no drug allergy history and family history of hereditary disease.

Physical examination:

Temperature is 37.3 ℃, pulse is 83 times/min, breathing 20 times/min, the blood pressure 110/75 mm Hg (10 mm Hg material 1.33 kPa), the mind clear, smooth breathing.Throat is a bit congested, tonsil swollen. Double lung breath sounds, not smell and wet then.Heart rate of 83 times/min, rhythm and tidy, each valve auscultation area not smell and pathological heart murmur.Routine blood hemoglobin in 136 g/L, red blood cells, 4.7 x 1012 / L, white 11.5 x 109 / L, neutrophils 0.78, 0.22, lymphocyte platelet 115 x 109 / L, routine urine dung is normal. X-ray chest radiograph shows double lung texture clear, no exception.

A diagnosis of upper respiratory tract infection.
Take ribavirin 0.5 g to join 250ml physiological saline and Vitamin C 1g to join 150ml saline. 1.5 g Clindamycin hydrochloride for injection in 5% glucose injection 250 ml static drops.When after infusion clindamycin hydrochloride in 5 min, consciously in patient with lower abdominal ache and bright red blood in the urine, a total of four times, each time the amount is about 150-300ml. No fever, no abdominal distention, urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain. Check routine urine occult blood positive, abdominal ultrasound in bladder area has a small amount of blood clots, eliminate calculi and tumor caused by bleeding.

Considering for clindamycin hydrochloride lead to hemorrhagic cystitis. Immediately stop infusion and resistant fiber 0.4 g in 5% glucose injection 250ml static drop, then to 5% sodium bicarbonate 250 ml and static drops a whistle azole 200ml.Two days intravenous drip, lower abdomen ache and blood in the urine have disappeared, patients recovered.

2. Discussion
Clindamycin hydrochloride is lincomycin semisynthetic derivatives.The patients after intravenous drip of clindamycin hydrochloride abdomen appeared ache after 5 min and row of bright red blood in the urine caused by hemorrhagic cystitis, is uncommon clinically. Its adverse reactions in the gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. After intramuscular injection site that can appear mild local pain, intravenous drip for a long time appear phlebitis.

A few patient can happen transient moderately elevated alkaline phosphatase, serum transaminase and jaundice. A handful of patients can appear false membranous enteritis, but basic non-toxic reaction of hematopoietic system, accidentally can cause neutropenia, acidophilic granulocyte increased, thrombocytopenia, are generally mild.The reason is unknown at present, may be associated with containing impurities, particles.

Tip, strict observation condition is needed in the process of useing the clindamycin hydrochloride, a precaution.

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