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Hubei benefits Thai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. "three-step" development strategy planning

  Ether company has set up more than a decade, always keep in mind metaphor "honest and do drugs, integrity management, contributing to society, the benefit of mankind" and set up factories in philosophy; unswervingly adhere to the "pharmaceutical raw materials as the main, to new food Product development pattern; always additives and pharmaceutical intermediates wings "metaphor to implement the strategy of" laying the foundation, on the scale of development across three stages. Product development, strengthen sales, focus on quality, increase investment, strengthen management, bigger, and stronger enterprise is the firm's development strategy of the company. The company identified three stages of development of strategic planning:


一, Laying the foundation stage (2000 - 2010)


  Inception of the company since the end of 1999, after a decade of effort and hard work, made nine results for the second and third stages of the development has laid a solid nine basis:


  1. Create a good reputation, visibility and influence. Founded more than 10 years of national and local paid taxes of more than 9000 million; donated various amounts reached nearly 10 million, and has established a good reputation in the community at the local schools, homes for the elderly, in poor areas, the cause of Buddhism.


  2. Brings together the country's 16 provinces and cities in the professional, technical and management personnel to the company. Exercise and training, so that more than 100 employees become "building Ether, management interests Thailand, the development of beneficial Thailand" technology, management backbone and backbone.


  3. The product structure adjustment and innovation, a large number of new product development for the company reserves. Companies to strengthen cooperation in science and technology institutions since 2008, focusing on product development, technology introduction, digestion and technological innovation, achieve success by "a single product to multiple products, a single series of adjustments to several series and transformation. Until 2010, already has seven products:


(1) Glucurolactone Series: Glucurolactone (1,000 tons / year), oxalic acid (5,000 tons / year), sodium nitrite (300 tons / year).
② antiviral Series: acyclovir (120 tons / year), ganciclovir (2 tons / year), hydrochloric acid cutting (10 tons / year) valacyclovir, famciclovir (tons / year).
③ the sucralose series (total planned production capacity of 1360 tons): a sucralose (60 tons / year), two sucralose (300 tons / year).
④ the clindamycin Series: Clindamycin Hydrochloride (60 tons / year), clindamycin phosphate (total planned production capacity of 500 tons of production capacity of 120 tons / year), clindamycin hydrochloride palmitate (10 tons / year).
⑤ series of cardiovascular drugs: atorvastatin calcium (total planned capacity of 160 tons, the first phase of the production capacity of 30 tons / year), rosuvastatin calcium (60 tons / year), simvastatin (100 tons / year) Oxiracetam (30 tons / year).
⑥ imipenem anti-infectives series: Meropenem (total planned capacity of 16 tons, the production capacity of 2 tons / year) in the first phase, to imipenem (2 tons / year) of Faropenem (2 tons / year).
⑦ Sartan antihypertensive drugs: valsartan (200 tons / year), olmesartan (50 tons / year), irbesartan (100 tons / year).


  4. Establish a sound sales network, to further expand the company's products into the channel of the international and domestic markets. The distribution of the company's products in the international market in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Southeast Asia, more than a dozen countries and regions. American Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, British Lawson, Germany, Red Bull, ACT and other world-renowned companies has established a close working relationship. Company production of "Asahi" plates pharmaceutical raw materials and health food additives in the domestic market in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have a larger market share.


  5. Increased infrastructure investment, already have the ability to meet the requirements of "output value of more than 2 billion scale. 2010 nine transformation of the boiler, refrigeration station, green electricity, water, electricity, gas, refrigeration, staff quarters, canteen and other infrastructure facilities, fully equipped.


  6 new levy of 520 acres of land. Expanding regulations for the next stage of development, the construction of new projects reserve sufficient land.


  7. Increase investment in environmental protection, environmental protection facilities of the company is gradually improving. From the company from the founder of the environmental transformation fund has invested a total of more than 8000 million. Independent innovation improve nitric acid tail gas treatment technology, the development of D-glucuronolactone production and use of new technology; New on the two sets of dilute acetic acid and acetic acid exhaust and acid mother liquor recovery system; transform and improve alcohol recovery system; carry out the reduction throttling Engineering , decontamination triage engineering, recycling engineering construction engineering, sewage treatment, waste heat utilization and transformation; cooperation with Wuhan Engineering University, developed new technology Glucuronolactone green, the elimination of the environmental drawbacks of the nitric acid oxidation; would now recovered about 2000 tons for distillation of the dilute acetic acid, as glacial acetic acid, the direct use and re-use in the production of pharmaceutical grade sodium acetate. Invest 20 million new on the annual production capacity of 5000 tons of oxalic workshop production of starch waste Glucurolactone pollution sources, technical processing and recycling recycling, the waste produced oxalic realize the waste into treasure purposes.


  8. Carry out a variety of certification, and lay a solid foundation for the company's products to the international market. Strict implementation of various laws and regulations of the country in the enterprise development and to strengthen the basic work and standardized management. Has passed and obtained a high-tech enterprise certification, GMP certification, pharmaceutical companies, food production licenses, corporate social responsibility certification, COS certification; U.S. FDA certification is now fully operational, is expected to obtain certification by the end of 2012.


  9. Enhanced staff education, to unify their thinking with the company culture, the cohesion of the people. And perseverance carry out a modern environment, social ecology, ethics of science and technology, ethics, loyalty and awareness education. Seven of the company's management philosophy, and the 12-character principle to unify the thinking of the staff, and the cohesion of the people; formation of "one man, one boat, one mind, strength to" team spirit and respect for people, rely on the people in the company from top to bottom, love people, caring for people, "team culture, culture and bring a dedication, unity and fraternity, the code of conduct efficient workforce.


  二, speed up the development phase (2011 - 2017)


  Company plans to use the seven years since 2011, the implementation of the company's second stage of development planning:


  1. The project inputs Scheme: seven years, invested a total of 600 million yuan.


  2. Development Goals: Since 2012, every year in the last year on the basis of double value to achieve the target of 20 million in 2017, production and sales. 2011 has invested 170 million yuan, the construction of the nine projects that: the sucralose plant (Phase II), clindamycin phosphate workshop, pharmaceutical raw materials, workshops and other projects. 2012 plans to invest 65 million yuan. Invested 50 million yuan of funds to do a good job in the 300 tons of sucralose workshop equipment installation; invested 10 million yuan to do a good job in the expansion of the sewage treatment station regulations transformation, emissions, odor recycling use of three major transformation of the circulating water engineering construction. To invest 5 million to do a good job of supporting projects further improve and factory road construction. Through a comprehensive transformation of the above works, the company's production capacity and environmental protection are able to achieve the basic requirements for listed companies. 2014 - 2016, plans to invest 380 million yuan of funds according to the international and domestic situation and market trends, as well as staff recruitment and training situations. Construction of sucralose annual production capacity of 1000 tons workshop, meropenem, atorvastatin Atorvastatin calcium (primarily for the treatment of lipid-lowering) of oxiracetam (mainly used to improve memory, prevent Alzheimer's disease), Sartan large projects to form eight production lines.


  3. Increase efforts to develop new products. Establish close cooperation relations with domestic famous universities, research institutions, in accordance with the principle of "production batch, the reserve group, develop a number of" focus on the development of a national patent of proprietary Chinese medicines, drug discovery, finished drugs and export-oriented raw material drugs and other synthetic products; focuses on the development of high blood pressure, diabetes, anti-tumor, high cholesterol series products. At least a year to develop a new product in more than five, the company's products, technologies, walking in the international and domestic leading level, and to pave the way for sustainable, rapid and healthy development around these priorities.


  4. Earnestly the finished chemical drugs symbol approval of work. Only use 4-6 years begun to declare a number of newly developed pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products, chemical drug production numbers from 2013 on the basis of the existing APIs approvals.


  5. Careful organization to achieve market goals. 2011-2014 do four things: First, in accordance with the requirements of the listed companies to standardize enterprise; joint-stock reform; further improve environmental protection facilities, and environmental indicators meet the requirements of the listed companies; Fourth, choose good development prospects for a good product. Early 2015, after more than four work completed report to the Securities Commission listed, waiting in line for approval, the fight for the 2015 -2016 company listed once declare success.


  三, the scale of the development phase (2018 onwards)


  Then eight years since 2018, plans for large-scale development, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical products, medicine, Chinese patent medicines, bio-engineering "to form a complete range of professional division of labor is clear of industrial pattern," created a century brand, to create the large pharmaceutical companies "ambitious goal.


  1. Development Goals: a year on the basis of the second phase of the new value of 10-20 billion as targeted.
  2. The new 1,000 acres of land, is selected as the finished drug, the production base of proprietary Chinese medicines, bio-engineering.
  3. Acquisition and merger of a number of enterprises. Composed of large enterprise groups, the growth of the overall strength of the company, the expansion of capital.
  4. Expansion of new product development efforts, the development of the product as soon as possible productivity. Good product development screening, select group of high starting point, large-scale, suitable for company products positioning pattern of pharmaceutical raw materials and preparation products.
  5. Do a good job in the positioning of the brand and design, publicity and promotion, update and extend care and maintenance, strengthen brand building and brand marketing, to build and to create an international brand.
  6. On the basis of the company's products, to accelerate the speed of the expanding regulations on file. The planned annual investment of more than five new projects to enhance the company's development potential.
  7. The establishment of a modern enterprise system, strengthen the standardized management, further improve the corporate governance structure, the formation of an effective mechanism of checks and balances, and realize the fundamental transformation of the operational mechanisms of enterprises, to accelerate the pace of institutional and international standards, and to continue to improve the international competitiveness of enterprises.


  Ether three stages of development planning, we believe that all levels of government, the correct leadership and strong support of the departments, the Board of Directors of the Company to accelerate the development of the firm stance and attitude, with the joint efforts of the broad masses of cadres, the company identified the grand plan will become a reality.

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